Incredible (I love whales.....I will admit to crying at this story.): "The group came upon a stranded humpback whale who was so tangled in a mesh of nylon netting that she was beginning to drown, and...was possibly an hour from death. The crew worked tirelessly for more than an hour to free the stranded whale and, to their elation, eventually succeeded. Then, magic happened."

Image: source.

Oooooh, I aspire to be crafty enough to build something like this iPhone alarm clock holder thingy.....

These wine crate gardening boxes are gorgeous.

Already looking for the next century bike rides to sign up for! The best looking contenders right now (based on proximety, cause, date, and a variety of other things) are the Alpine Century in August, and the very awesome looking Farm To Farm Century in September (which looks sooooo cool - combining my love of farms, local food, and biking? Win!). Now I just have to wait for my next pay check to register, and see if my biking buddy is up for them too.

"I wish I could describe better the kind of happiness mid-summer always has given me, ever since my infancy almost when the wide extents of ripe corn stretched away endlessly and gave me even then a feeling of security, of peace, of happiness. The harvest songs of all peoples have given vent to it, but not in words.”- Bernard Berenson, Sunset and Twilight (source)

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