Looking Good for Less

I have to admit - I haven't stepped into a Payless Shoes since my sandals broke in PR and I refused to walk the streets barefoot all the way home (which sounds prissy but, trust me, was only wise). That said, I walked by one of their stores today and was really surprised by the adorable shoes in the window! Sure there is still a lot that is unimpressive and I'm sure they probably aren't going to win any awards for durability, but you could do a lot worse in the affordable shoe department! Plus they have Buy One Get One (or BOGO, as they call it) sales all the time....and who doesn't love that. I think I will have to give in and make a purchase sometime soon...I'm leaning towards either the periwinkle mary janes (the color!!) or the t-front ruffled black heels....

All shoes from Payless, available online, and under $30!
Colorful background by Paola Guimerans)

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Sugar Free said...

I have gotten many a cute pair of shoes recently from Payless. Half the enjoyment of going though is also trying out the hideous shoes that they sell. You should check out payless.com though because sometimes they have wicked cute shoes on there that you can only get online and they tend to be super cute.