Love the idea of preserving and converting old American barns, and love the outcome!

Gorgeous yellow, leather satchel from Toast.

Left: totally loving Mel Stringer's flickr stream.

Currently reading East of Eden and Middlesex.

I'm a fan of Moleskin and like the idea of these Passion Journals, but haven't seen them in person yet. Especially curious about the "wellness" one.

You call this rehabilitation? " Columbia Study: Almost All Prisoners Could Use Drug Treatment; Almost None Get It: "Some 85% of American prisoners meet the diagnostic requirements for drug or alcohol addiction, have a history of substance abuse, or committed their crime under the influence and/or to pay for drugs; yet just 11% get any form of treatment while behind bars."


Awesome, unique jewelry from Jewels by Jemina - especially loving these unusual strawberry earrings and "guapa" earrings.

Image: from the Looking Into The Past flickr group - wonderful!! (via Swiss Miss)

Love this jacket. What a nice, big collar...

Great song: Neil Young, "Heart of Gold."

Pep talk: This is your life. It's beautiful and exciting. You're not in competition with anyone, but still, you're winning. Today remind yourself: I'm awesome at life.



....and work your ass off. Time to head into the Bar (it's two days long - first day is multiple choice, second day is essays). Let's do this! Image: source.


From the Sentencing Law and Policy blog, "Race and Gender as Explicit Sentencing Factors." and from Solitary Watch, "Solitary Confinement Cells Have Become America's New Asylums."

Love the look of these canvas dipped bags, especially the black on black, or the natural/orange.

Image: source.

Katherine Taylor, "Rules for Saying Goodbye."

The Milkweed Barn. Maybe the perfect retreat.

From Design Is Mine, great triangle prints.

“What saves a man is to take a step. Then another step.” - Antoine de Saint-Exupery


You Are So F**cking Awesome (yes, you!)

Got this poster as a present for myself, and have it hanging over my desk at home while I study for the Bar. Hells yeah. Love this poster for above a bed.

Love this gemstone sweater dress (although I have to say it looks far more "sweater" and far less "dress" to me).

Image: source.

The blog A Bright Light in a Dark Room has devoted a whole week to writing about Woody Allen. Here's their write-up about Manhattan.

Love this room, especially the chandelier.

I found this dissection of food label design fascinating.

Prisoners rights (human rights that happen to occur in prisons, really) and issues of incarceration are near and dear to my heart. Here are two blogs that help keep me connected to current issues: Prison Law Blog and Solitary Watch.

On that note, an article from The New York Review of Books on sexual abuse in juvenile "detention facilities."


My mom got me this incredible wrap sweatshirt as a Bar gift, and you better believe I'll be wearing it every day from now to through the test! Perfect weight, sleeves have a slight bell at the end, and a good mix of casual but not sloppy. Thanks, mom! (Similar top from Free People up at NKSScreative, along with more items from the dream list.)

Loving this clear box display idea.

Interview with Kathleen Hanna. It's weird, I've never been a big fan of hers but she at least a welcome voice especially as strong women in music seem to be few and far between, and the 90's nostalgia grows stronger in me every day...

Interesting case! "The Ohio Justice and Policy Center has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that Ohio violates both the Constitution and the Americans with Disabilities Act when it releases mentally ill offenders back into the community with insufficient follow-up care."


Love these laptop cases! Especially the bright green one, I think....And while I'm at it, I'll take this iPhone case, preferably with a phone inside.

From the awesome Prison Law Blog, Connecting Prisons with Nature and
Image: source.

Love these images of whales. Stunning.

Amazing rings.

“You can’t get a cup of tea big enough or a book long enough to suit me.” - C. S. Lewis


Amazing Music by Amazing People about an Amazing Place

A woman I love sings about a place I love: Lisette and Stud, a.k.a. the Tom Foolers, singing an original composition, "Jackson County." Heart breaking beauty. I've listened to is 7 times in a row as I write this. xoxo
Love this mobile from Etsy seller Teal and Gold! There was a time when I was making mobiles and this definitely makes me want to return to that inspiration....

Image: source.

Need a last minute valentine? Check out these cuties at Kate Spade.

Intense article about the lasting impact on Wichita of Dr. Tiller's murder. It is so inspiring that Dr. Tiller, and all who worked with and supported him, carried on their work despite incredible harassment. We can never forget how many people risk their lives every day to help women stay safe, healthy, and empowered. We can never take for granted our access to contraception, to safe and legal abortion, and to the courts.

Happy Valentines (and 6 month anniversary!) to my wonderful boyfriend,
even though I have to spend the day studying Corporations and Secure Transactions...
Image: poster from Reform School.


If I Tear All These Walls Down

Interesting study about the effect of a judge's race and gender, and a great accompanying article. Thought this was a great, to-the-point reminder about why it's so neccesary to remain aware of our own privilege: "There's nothing intrinsically wrong with being white, or cis, or able-bodied, or straight, or male. What's wrong is the cultural preference that has conferred privilege upon those characteristics—a privilege from which anyone who falls into any of those categories benefits. When having been charged with hiring employees at previous jobs, I never discriminated on the basis of race (or anything else), but when I have applied for jobs, and been hired, I might have benefited, even unbeknownst to me, from being white. That's what privilege is really about—not just what you choose to do with it, but what others choose to do with it, and how their decisions might work in your favor. And against other, non-privileged people's interests."

Gorgeous aerial photography.

Image: source.

Canada's planned super-huge national park has got me excited to visit!

Interesting conversation between Diane DiMassi and Feministing about privilege, the Michigan Women's Fest, and discrimination facing transwomen. They both have some really interesting and thought-provoking comments on a complicated series of topics, and I really appreciated the chance to be pushed to think about both perspectives again.


My boyfriend is a huge Polaroid fan, a photographer himself, and a lover of the history of Edwin Land and his creations. So when I saw that a portion of Land's photography collection is going to be auctioned at Sotheby's this summer, I forwarded it his way asap. Having never been to an art auction or to Sotheby's, I was unsure whether there was any way we could get into view the collection or the auction. I wrote Sotheby's asking and they got back to me the same day! Pretty impressive. Anyways, turns out the public can view the collection and, long story short(er) it looks like a trip to NYC is due this summer, maybe for my birthday! I can't wait to see the collection, visit friends, and be back in the Big Apple.

Left: love this deep red, mismatched arrangement.

From Jezebel, Should We Teach Feminism in School? Hell yes! How can we possibly teach the history of this country or prepare our kids to be engaged, informed citizens without addressing race, gender, sexuality....??

Although I was initially interested in Google Buzz, the fact they went into my account and contacted a bunch of people before I could even realize they were doing it was enough to make me quit Buzz after less than a day.

Loving these indoor shutters! I'm not sure why but they really remind me of when I lived in South Beach.

I'm not usually a big fan of pink but this is a great round-up, especially the jacket and the vintage buttons.


I'd never really thought about grey before as an option for accessories but a few weeks ago got this bagin grey from F21 and am really into it. Grey might not be THE most exciting color but it feels like a nice change from black (I know, I'm so daring). This gorg bag from Rennes is the far classier version I can only dream of.

Image: source.

My weekend was totally made by this mention on the wonderful Already Pretty! It's such a thrill to be mentioned on a great blog, alongside other blogs I love, and wonderful to know people are reading - thanks!

I love this simple and bright modern world map - the perfect wall decoration for my dream apartment (I know its out there somewhere, waiting for me...complete with built in bookshelves and a clawfoot tub....)

Ever since our perfect weekend getaway to NH and VT, I have become obsessed with mountain cabins and resorts (well, MORE obsessed, since I guess my west coast heart has always had the love of the cabin). This spread certainly added fuel to the fire. Exposed beams, swoon!)

From Feministing, an interesting essay about the nonviolence philosophy of being a clinic escort - thanks for your brave work, escorts.


Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom! To the kindest, strongest, most patient and wonderful mom I could ever ask for. I love you! xxoxox

Another strong woman I love, Joan Baez:

I love Joan Baez for so many reasons: because my mom loves her and I love thinking about my mom when she was my age, listening to Joan and seeing her in concert; because "I'm With You" is "our" song; because she's a beautiful, older woman who's independent and has gone grey with pride (like my mom!); because my mom and I have gone to two of her shows together; because she was so harshly treated by Bob Dylan (and his fans, of which I am one) and is so relatable as someone who feel for the talented but selfish man; and because every time she sings one of his songs it is such a heartbreaking and awesome "f you" (above and below: giving new meaning to "I ain't sayin' you treated me unkind / coulda done better but, I don't mind / you just kinda wasted my precious time," one of the best lines about a breakup ever.) Long live Joan!