The Sacred And The Profane

A glimmer of hope?  The St. Petersburg Times: "New Ideas On Prisons": "Florida's budget crisis may bring a modicum of reasonableness to the debate over criminal justice policy. Instead of the "tough on crime" mantra that politicians spout to win elections and that usually leads to more prison beds, suggestions are cropping up for alternatives as a way to save big bucks. These ideas are not percolating up from liberal sources alone. Some of the most ardent supporters for a more measured approach to crime and criminals include a conservative Republican lawmaker and a fiscal watchdog group."

A follow-up to Glamours article about abortion: "Speaking Out About An Abortion Can Be Harder Than Getting One."

Awesome necklace (and affordable!) from BunnyLuxe's Etsy shop!

News out of Boston: "The state's highest court today struck down a law that allowed the state to keep juvenile offenders in custody for three years after they turned 18, if officials believed they would be 'physically dangerous to the public.'" 

A Japanese rape simulation game?  I didn't want to believe it, but I'm happy to see Amazon has pulled it from sale...

I know this is overpriced and made especially ridiculous by the recession, but I think its gorgeous and classic....so should anyone be looking for a graduation present for me....I'm sure just carrying this bag would guarantee me a job.  I'm sure of it!

I love everything that American RadioWorks does.  Really.  Amazing stuff.  Just today I listened to their report on hospice care.  I have so much respect for people who work in hospice care - thank you, thank you, thank you for helping people leave this world in a peaceful way.  Listening to the program made me grateful for my health and family, and grateful for such compassionate people who would do hospice care.

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