“We don’t see the things they are, we see them as we are”*

NYTimes: A change in Facebook policies has users (including me) concerned.

I agree with Darling Dexter (great site!), say yes to wide leg pants!  I used to be worried they made me look to stumpy, but I'm all about embracing them this spring...

The surprisingly accurate Trilogy Meter!

From the wonderful Tiny House Blog, the beautiful cabin designs of Ross Chapin - from Oregon, of course!

Feministe: Formerly incarcerated and economic justice.

A different take on the work-life balance.

What about the freedom NOT to marry? "I have been saying for years that this idea of a choice to marry is illusory. As long as marriage is the only way to garner economic security and emotional peace of mind -- not because it's natural but because our laws and policies make it that way -- marriage isn't a choice, for straight or gay couples."

 *Anais Nin

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