Check out Kiki Micromix 1 from DJ D'hana here! Also, this Saturday will be the DJ's last Neighborhood for the summer, so get yer butt over the the Milky Way and dance!

Martha Minow announced as the new Dean of Harvard Law School. Glad to see a woman taking a position of leadership in both the legal and academic worlds.

An interesting debate about the feminist and economic value of Etsy.

Left: from Stella McCarty's 2010 Resort collection

Kate Harding's definitive answer to the oft-repeated question "Don't You Realize Fat Is Unhealthy?"

Rockstar energy drink threatens the Bilerico Project with a lawsuit after they probe the companies connection to conservative nut job Michael Savage.

Codman Square anticipates the return of the farmer's market.

Ithaca landmark Cinemopolis reopens, bigger and better than ever!

"To Improve Public Health, City Urges Use of Stairs": an interesting article on the changing definition of "public health."

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