Happy Fathers Day!

Happy Fathers Day to everyone out there, but especially to the two most important men in my life: my dad (left) and my stepdad (right).

Yes, I'm lucky enough to not only have two dads, but to have as my fathers two men who have taught me so much about love, trust, humor, and family.  My dad and my mom separated when I was 3, but in my entire 28 years on earth, I have never heard either of them speak poorly of the other.  My family - me and all three parents - spend our holidays together, a fact which seems to shock everyone who hears it.  I know I'm lucky for not finding it at all bizarre.  

Some of my earliest memories are of my dad, of laying on our blue couch with him, or listening to him play the piano.  My step dad came into our lives when I was so young that I can't remember a time when he wasn't there.  As a super-protective only child, I put him through the ringer before "allowing" him to become part of our family.  His quiet patience and persistence in loving my mom and I humbles me every day.  My dad, too, has been persistent - he has flown all over the country to see me, and sent me more paper letters (typed on a typewriter!) and emails and cards and packages than even a packrat like I can keep track of.

I'm especially lucky enough to have two very different men in my life.  My father taught me to love the written word; to appreciate Beethoven and the Supremes and jazz; that sitting in silence and reading the New York Times can be a form of intimacy; and to speak up when I see injustice.  My stepfather taught me to love and respect the outdoors; to laugh at myself when I'm being dramatic; that being quiet and honorable is more impressive than being loud and flashy; and that men can have huge muscles but also make jam, weave dishtowels, and take the time to teach 5 year-olds how to fish.

Most of all, both of my fathers taught me to love my mom.  To honor her as my best friend and as the strongest and kindest person I know.  So on this Fathers Day I want to thank my dad and my step dad for being the most important men in my life, and my mom, for choosing them as our family.

I love you all more than anything.

(earliest known documentation of me with a donut)

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kaden said...

A thoughtful and sweet post! Thanks for adding to the beauty of the internet.