I have so much to learn about Iran - here is some of the coverage I've been reading about the elections in an attempt to catch up: Kristof in the NYTimes, coverage from Britain's Channel 4; from Jezebel.

Awesome wallpaper.

Left: oh, Kurt.

I had lots of fun at the event, but I would still agree with most (if not all) of the Bostonist's complaints about the Dan Deacon event at the ICA.  

The NYTimes spends 36 hours in the Research Triangle.  I have some good memories of visiting friends here - the three cities are so different from each other, and the landscape is gorgeous...

The first thing on my to-read list as soon as the Bar has passed....Ripley!

Cute idea for a party - individual s'mores bags.

From Jezebel: "The amazing blog Sociological Images has an interesting roundup of editorial cartoons about abortion. As one reader wrote, 'when pregnant women are depicted, they are often faceless, voiceless, or shown without any agency.'"

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