The NYTimes rounds up your best bets for free food when ordering drinks in the city...nice.

Beautiful colorful sandals on my wishlist.

Left: source.

How the recession will change the way we dress.

Tortilla espanola never sounded tempting to me (a cold-ish egg and potato dish?  No thanks).  Luckily, however, thanks to Picoteo (in the beautiful Hotel Convento), one of my favorite restaurants in Old San Juan, PR, I know how incredible a great tortilla espanola can be.  Maybe I'll even try making one myself...some day...

D.C. Circuit: Judges Can Consider Acquitted Conduct at Sentencing: "Federal trial judges enjoy wide discretion in sentencing defendants and can consider acquitted conduct in determining the punishment range, the D.C. Circuit ruled Tuesday in a drug possession case."

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