Reviews of the new Transformer are pretty entertaining.

Jane, the creator and curator of the wonderful Sea of Shoes (and probably the most enviable 16 year-old out there) has announced she's created a line of shoes with UO.

Cheap and chic Paris hotels - as if I needed one more temptation to visit.

Excellent (hopefully).  Federal protections for trans employees being drafted: "Lawyers for President Obama are quietly drafting first-of-their kind guidelines barring workplace discrimination against transgender federal employees, officials said Tuesday."

Left: Love love love it. Reminds me of the little book I kept while in Varanasi...wonderful memories. "German artist Boris Servais sent over his latest creation, Varanasi, a handmade book he wrote and illustrated. It’s about the city Varanasi, in India, which he describes as “a huge maze of dirty lanes packed with streetdogs, cows, Indians on motorbikes and travelers in colourful clothes.” He illustrates his words in sketchy ink line drawings with some tiny little hatch marks for shading."

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