U.S. to Extend Its Job Benefits to Gay Partners: "President Obama will extend benefits, but not full health insurance, to same-sex partners of federal employees." It's a start.

This news about Zicam is really troubling - I love the stuff! Not anymore, I guess...

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"San Francisco-based artist Tasha Kusama has a fondness of candy colours, sparkles, hair and geometry. Her artworks are often somewhere between abstract and psychedelic and cutesy."

NYTimes: Drive-Ins Are Back But It's A Secret.

On self-help books and women.

Despite so many advances...."A new report from the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs says bias-motivated incidents against LGBT people are the highest they've been in a decade. According to the group, 29 deaths last year resulted from anti-LGBT hate crimes, an increase of 28% from the year before."

Love it: six-year-old girl fishes for mermaid, gets a record catch instead.

Let's hold Bush officials accountable for torture: "The ACLU's executive director joins with a military officer to ask for a special prosecutor for torture": "Torture is a crime and the United States engaged in it. Those are two indisputable facts. Given the mountains of evidence already in the public domain, any effort to deny or soften that harsh and devastating reality is either disingenuous, uninformed or a result of the human instinct to avoid painful truths."

“Wisdom lies neither in fixity nor in change, but in the dialectic between the two.” - Octavio Paz

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