The WSJ and Mentalfloss team up to tell us how sneakers got their names.

Love this chain/suede necklace combo - especially for sensitive skin people like me who can't wear metal in the summer.

Interesting critique of homeless shelters: "Today’s idea: Homeless shelters hinder everyone housed there in an effort to curb substance abusers and criminals, so they are a waste of time for people trying to network a way out of their predicament, a homeless person writes. A better bet: coffee shops offering Internet."

Dispicable: Brooklyn Assemblyman fights to keep non-Jews out of the Holocaust memorial. "'To include these other groups diminishes their memory,' said Hikind, as he stood next to his 89-year-old mother, Frieda. 'These people are not in the same category as Jewish people with regards to the Holocaust," Hikind said following a press conference at the memorial. "It is so vastly different. You cannot compare political prisoners with Jewish victims.'"

Mentalfloss on the origins of prom.

"In a fun spelunk through the history of country music, Barry Mazor explores the ways "authenticity" and "Americana" are constructed." via Reason.

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