Adam and Eve Did What? A Visit to the Creationism Museum Makes Scientists Laugh, Cry: "The museum argues, among other things, that war, famine and natural disasters are to blame on belief in evolution."

Jerry the Dachshund plays catch with himself (yeah, I like cute pet videos, what about it?)

Wilco (The Irresistible Journalistic Construct).

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What?? Finding Debt a Bigger Hurdle Than Bar Exam: "Robert Bowman, an aspiring lawyer, was refused entry to the New York bar because of $400,000 in student debt."

SCOTUS to reconsider Troy Davis' appeal later this summer.

Pitchfork: "Back in February, we reported that former Silver Jews frontman David Berman would release a book of cartoons called The Portable February. Well, the book is out now via Drag City. And now that we've seen a copy, we can report that it is absolutely ridiculous."

“Oh man, isn’t it crazy that you were fighting against John Malkovich in Con Air and then two years later you were crawling around inside his head in Being John Malkovich? I remember the late 90s as a time when great actors named John were always fighting each other over an airplane full of convicts / John Malkovich’s head.” - Dear John Cusack

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