Breakfast at Sulimay's is back for a second season!

A beautiful and entrancing short by someone named Joseph Mann. Loved it.

Image: source.

More outtakes from Rogue Femme Art - can't wait to see the final project!  It's gonna be amazing.

Frank Lloyd Wright embroidery?  Pretty random, pretty awesome.

In Two States, a Lower Bar for Conviction: "The Supreme Court is being asked to review criminal trials in Oregon, which, along with Louisiana, does not require juries to reach unanimous verdicts."

Amy Winehouse tattoo sweater.  Sort of brilliant.

Read Eight Pages From the ‘Masterpiece’ Graphic Novel Reviewed in This Week’s New York.

"It's a Dolorean."  This song (and video) rock.

Piecing Together an Immigrant’s Life the U.S. Refused to See: "The story of a detainee and his death, kept in official oblivion for three years, shows how 9/11 changed the stakes for those tangled in U.S. immigration laws."

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