Kelly Clarkson sings a simplified version of "Already Gone" on Letterman. Love love her!

Massive shark washes ashore in New York - this is both my worst nightmare and my dream.

Image: source.

NYTimes: Watching Whales Watching Us. I love whales! Amazing essay.

Instructables on beer!

Beck does Modern Guilt acoustic.

On PBS, NOW: Maximum Capacity: "The number of inmates in American prisons is outpacing the system's ability to hold them all. In one startling example, California prisons hold 70,000 more inmates than they're designed for, even though the state has built a dozen new prisons in the last 15 years."

Excellent. "A Massachusetts appeals court has ruled to uphold a law that provides a 35-foot safety buffer zone around the entrance to abortion clinics. The law, described as "content-neutral," was found not to infringe on free speech."

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