The list for Boston Restaurant Week is out.  I always mean to participate, but never do...

WSJ Law Blog: Are women at law firms too passive?  (Thanks to LL for the link).

For reasons I will never fully understand, I love the album "Back In Black."  Here's one of my favorite tracks  (live), "What Do You Do For Money Honey."

Ha!  From Refinery 29, "Oh Snap! Our Step-By-Step Guide To Getting Shot By The Sartorialist"

Interesting article: The Contrarian: Sheila Bair and the White House financial debate. (Thanks to AA for the link).

Pitchfork interviews Beck.

Really in the mood for a Marathon concert recently.  They remain some of the best shows I've ever seen and "Marathon" is still one of my favorite/most listened to albums.  (And one more, from their amazing last show: really bad quality but high on the nostalgia scale.)

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