Weirdest website of the day: Fancy Fast Food.

Courage Contagion: Social Influence in Protests.

"David Park, a student graduating from PARSONS SCHOOL of DESIGN created this dope video for his thesis project, featuring the history of sneaker culture" h/t The Bonafide Chainblinger.

Image: source.

Interesting discussion about those annoying, but possibly well-intentioned, street canvassers.

The NYTimes on the perfect burger.

I love LOVE this red vanity!  So dreamy.

An open letter to Jenny Lewis.  Hells yeah.

Reading: Just finished The White Tiger (easy, enjoyable read, nothing earth-shattering) and currently reading Unaccustomed Earth (uneven, but love love love some of the stories).  Still taking Up In The Old Hotel piece by piece and appreciating Joseph Mitchell as always.

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natasha said...

that vanity is insane! we should look for one when we go to paris together...someday.