Urban Prankster and the Wooster Collective are two of my favorite sites for street art.

Left: source.

Travel & Leisure on the world's best beer gardens.

On bicycling and gender - very interesting.

Cool! An albatross photographs a killer whale. Watched a few hours of Planet Earth last night - in-freakin-credible as always....Photographer for that series would definitely be in my top 10 dream jobs...

Lonely Planet reintroduces its cycling series.

Law lovers, check out "When the ‘Client’ Demanding Them Is Not the Client Who Hired You," written by the smart and stylish Natasha M. Korgaonkar. "This article addresses what lawyers can do when they find themselves faced with a request for their files from receivers ostensibly standing in the shoes of their former clients but who, in fact, are working hand in hand with the SEC investigating the former client."

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