An essay of ideas entirely out of leaves! Love love it.

Awesome song: La Roux, "Bulletproof"

Rooftop pool in Spain? Yes, please!

Love this image: left.

Dotted tights are everywhere right now, glad I just ordered these!

Great Lucky deal of the day - classic and beautiful diamond studs for like half-off! Swoon.

9th Cir: Kozinski on Benefits for Same Sex Federal Judicial Employees: "Two days ago it was Judge Stephen Reinhardt. Now 9th Circuit Chief Judge Alex Kozinski takes another step beyond Reinhardt’s order for compensatory relief, and orders OPM to stop interfering with his orders, and directs Blue Cross/Blue Shield to enroll the federal judicial employee’s same-sex spouse in the health plan." (via Alaska Employment Law blog)

More gorgeous jewelry from Erie Basin.

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