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You Are Remarkable: Spring Is Coming Soon.

A judge's advice to new lawyers: Don't Be A Jerk.

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Love this worn wood headboard!

From Harvard Business Review, The Decade in Management Ideas. I can't always understand a lot of what they talk about in the HBR (embarrassing admission), but still like getting a sense of what's going on in the business and management world. This round-up was a good starting point for some new ideas. Here's one of their "Breakthrough Ideas for 2010" that I thought was interesting, indicating that progress (not recognition or incentives) is what really motivates employees: “On days when workers have the sense they’re making headway in their jobs, or when they receive support that helps them overcome obstacles, their emotions are most positive and their drive to succeed is at its peak. On days when they feel they are spinning their wheels or encountering roadblocks to meaningful accomplishment, their moods and motivation are lowest.”

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