A little girl rocks some daily affirmations. “I like my hair cuts! I like my pajamas! I like my stuff! I can do anything good!”

Great/interesting short piece: "I'm A Criminal And So Are You."

Image: "You're A Winner" - sometimes it's hard to believe, but Gemma Correll makes it seem almost true.

Yelp Yack: a waitress illustrates "smug" Yelp reviewers. Pretty funny.

My mom has a fold-out sewing box sort of like this, which makes me particularly fond of this post.

Love this idea of a popsicle bar - so perfect for summer.

Being the stylist for J. Crew shoots in fancy locales? Maybe the best job ever.

In case I needed yet another reason to love Mindy Kaling, she's giddy over Robert Downey Jr., just like me....

A tour of street vendors in Portland, OR - I love that city! And here's a list of some other great spots in Portland.

OK, OK, I'll give some love to my current city too - a walking map of Boston (albeit a pretty small chunk of Boston).

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Magic said...

Mindy Kaling is amazing.