Amanda Hess takes down the New York Times' latest "fashion trend."

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Just read "I Don't Care About Your Band," by Julie Klausner, and while I laughed a few times, and Klausner's definitely a smart gal, I can't quite say I liked the book. Klausner gets off on talking about her sexual conquests graphically, wittily, and, occasionally, honestly. The book is easy to read and occasionally entertaining, and Klausner is no doubt a good time to hang out with. But she's also rabidly judgmental, totally heteronormative, self obsessed, and will manage to offend you at some point, whether it's her casual insults towards "tranny feminists" or those she finds fat and ugly. Learning to be funny and shocking without being cruel can be hard - but its not impossible. (As always, feel free to check out what I'm reading on my GoodReads profile - I think it's a great tool for keeping track of books and getting suggestions from friends).

I'm enthralled by geochaching, and was touched by this article: "Nine-year-old with autism finds connection to family while geocaching: What comes so easily to other boys his age -- language -- is difficult for Ryan Hurley, but not when the family goes geocaching."

If you're looking for a deserving organization to donate to this holiday season, consider LAMP. "The Lamp Foundation is a not for profit corporation whose mission is to work together with the people of Haiti, to advocate for the respect and protection of basic human rights in the areas of greatest misery and poverty in the capital city of Port-Au-Prince. In pursuit of this mission, the Lamp provides basic health care, investigates allegations of human right abuses, and provides educational and humanitarian aid." An awesome friend of mine from law school is working with LAMP currently, check out her blog here. Donations may be made in one of three areas, Health & Medicine, Human Rights & Law, and Education; donate here.

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