My friends are the coolest: "In this episode of Explorations, I got the chance to sit down with Dr. Phoebe Cohen and chat about her research and her work in public outreach. Phoebe is a paleobiologist and the coordinator of Education and Public Outreach for the NASA Astrobiology MIT node: The Advent of Complex Life. She has also done work with The Encyclopedia of Life, an online database of Earth’s biodiversity."

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The books currently on my bedstand (uh, actually the floor) include: "Autobiography of Martin Luther King, Jr," "The Autobiography of Malcolm X, " "The New F*ck You: Adventures in Lesbian Reading," "And the Heart Says Whatever," "The Importance of Being Iceland: Travel Essays in Art," "An Ethic for Christians and Other Aliens in a Strange Land," "The Irresistible Revolution: Living As an Ordinary Radical," "Seven Storey Mountain," and "Heartbreak: The Political Memoir of a Militant Feminist." You can tell a few things about me from this list, not least of which is that I'm planning of doing a lot of reading over my holiday break (our office is closed for a week!)

“Female fat [as] a moral issue is articulated with words like good and bad. If our culture’s fixation on female fatness or thinness was about sex, it would be private issue between a woman and her lover; if it were about health, between a woman and herself… A cultural fixation on female thinness is not an obsession about female beauty but one about obedience.” - Naomi Wolf, The Beauty Myth

When we want only answers, dear God, create in us the space for wonder. Amen. Source.

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Lex said...

Thanks for posting your current reads. Now not only can I buy the fashion you love, I can read your books. You do all my research!