Still reading MLK Jr.'s autobiography, and now watching Season 2 of Mi-5 (I'm on vacation!). I ended up loving A Single Man last night = it's a quiet movie, but not in the "quiet as a euphemism for boring" way, just a carefully paced and well-executed movie.

Photo: it was an amazing day of cross-country skiing at Buck Prairie today!

Yesterday's planned workout: Bootcamp. Yesterday's actual workout: Bootcamp, 4 mile run.

Today's planned workout: 5 mile run. Today's actual workout: 5 mile run, 2 hrs cross-country skiing, 1 hr Zumba (well, whether I make it to Zumba remains to be seen).

Also, I added a run to my race schedule (left): the Frostbite 10K in Talent on January 15th. Can't wait till Jan 1, the official start of my marathon training!

Finally, always a classic:

last year i abstained
this year i devour
without guilt
which is also an art.

— margaret atwood

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