"They are three of the eight men at the Eric M. Taylor Center — one of nine jails on Rikers Island — who completed a five-week literacy course this fall called 'Daddy and Me,' in which they recorded themselves reading children’s books for the sons and daughters they had left behind."

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Definitely interested in reading this new biography of Mandela.

Vows-fan and romantic that I am, I admit to being taken by these last lines of this weeks profile: "Ms. Banky, the bride’s friend, referred to these changes as “ghili vili.” In Farsi slang, she said, 'It means that he created a revolution in you.' 'You’ll say, "Does he make her ghili vili?' Ms. Banky continued. And if he doesn’t do that, it’s a no-go. Jesse makes her ghili vili.'"

“Nothing happens? Or has everything happened, / and are we standing now, quietly, in the new life?” - Juan Ramon Jimenez

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