I'm on Season 4 of Mi-5 and still loving it. So far it has been the rare show that gets rid of characters I like, introduces new ones I initially dislike, and still retains my interest and investment. Good stuff.

Nothing new, but should be required reading for anyone considering law school: Is Law School A Losing Game? (That said, I wish they had interviewed some people who didn't seem like such idiots - the main guy in this story took out loans to live in fancy apartments etc, and has a totally blase attitude - I have plenty of friends in law school who lived extremely frugally and still ended up in huge debt.)

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Wow. Powerful and honest post about preparing for homelessness. Every day I see clients who are only one or two misfortunes or missteps away from homelessness. I know I am extremely privileged to have a family that is able to help me; many many people are not so lucky.

A new documentary on the Lovings needs funding.

On the Giffords shooting, hate speech, and nationalism: "Anti-immigrant sentiment is NOT just racism against those who are immigrants—it is ALSO in a relationship with hyper nationalism and hyper nationalism is intimately connected to heteropatriarchy, white supremacy, capitalism, the policing and militarization of borders on bodies, on homes, on land, on families, on prisons, on jobs, on music even."

Today's planned workout: 4 mi run (sprint intervals). Today's actual workout: 7 mi run.

“You cannot find peace by avoiding life.” - Virginia Woolf

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