New updates from my friend Lipstick Lobbyist, including the news of Boston-sports columnist Steve Buckley's announcement that he's gay.

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These geometric post-it notes really do it for me. And anyone who is close enough to me to have seen my planner knows why.

Today's scheduled workout: bootcamp and 30 min swim. Today's actual workout: well, I slept through bootcamp. This is really unusual for me. I'm an early morning person and I never sleep through things. Ah well, I guess my body/mind needed some more rest - they have both been stuck on overdrive. After work is out, I will head to the gym, and maybe try to do some weights on my own to make up for missing class (although I find weight and strength training very hard to do outside of a class). (I did end up going to the Y last night and doing 4.5 miles (sprint intervals) on the treadmill, so that's something).

"However, the two things must be mingled and varied, solitude and joining a crowd: the one will make us long for people and the other for ourselves, and each will be a remedy for the other; solitude will cure our distaste for a crowd, and a crowd will cure our boredom with solitude." Source.

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