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The wonderful Tom Foolers (people I love playing music I love) have a gorgeous new website up - check it out. Plus, listen to their hottttt cover of Aliyah's, "If Your Girl Only Knew."

Today's planned workout: 6 mi run. Today's actual workout: yet to be determined. I'm working all day, and headed to the gym afterwards. I'm looking forward to getting in a good run. Update: got in the 6 miles.

"It saddens me that people my age may not know that. And it's a comment on the failure of our education system to deal with cultural education. Not just Duke Ellington. Walt Whitman. The list goes on and on. So, it saddens me for us as a nation. Because we have such a rich cultural heritage and we would be so much better for it and we would make such better decisions if we understood what brings us together . . . The arts are our collective human heritage. You're a better person if you know what Shakespeare was talkin' about. If you know what Beethoven struggled with, if you know about Matisse. If you know what Louis Armstrong actually sang through his horn, you're better. Because it's just like, you get to speak with the wisest people who ever lived." - Wynton Marsalis

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