On our society's treatment of the mentally ill, and crime: "Part of taking a good look at our culture is looking at how we treat those we’ve deemed insane or unstable or ill. It’s looking at how we don’t provide resources for all the people who need them, across the wide spectrum of mental and physical illness. It’s looking at how a punitive criminal justice system punishes the mentally ill. It’s looking at how a soundbite-driven media demonizes the mentally ill." from Feministe, discussing this Salon article.

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Some support for the use of light therapy for depression. I finally got a full-spectrum light for my desk at work, and would venture to say that I feel some mild benefits, although it's hard to tell.

Today's planned workout: bootcamp. Today's actual workout: bootcamp. Hoping to get some pool time in today, but since my Mondays are generally crazy, it is looking unlikely. Onward. (Edit: I got in 20 min in the pool).

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