A Progress Report on Gay Employee Health Benefits: "A growing number of companies are covering the extra costs that same-sex couples pay for domestic partner benefits — and even more companies are thinking about it. So we’ve decided to keep track of who is doing what."

Not at all surprised to see Nike entering the GPS enable watch field, very curious to read the reviews.
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Today's planned workout: 10 miles. Today's actual workout: 10 miles. Bam. Wasn't sure I had it in me anymore. I think part of it is getting used to the treadmill; when I run outside I don't pay attention to pace other than my own bodily needs and comfort, but on the treadmill I'm forced to pick a specific pace - and I think I've been setting it too high. Today I set it nice and slow and ended up finally having a few moments of that good running feeling I haven't had in a while. Feeling grateful for that.

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Nice lead on the 1955 arrest of Fitzgerald and Gillespie.