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Today's planned workout: 6 mile run (slow and steady). Today's actual workout: bootcamp. This is my last chance to attend bootcamp for almost two weeks (because of my half-marathon and then going out of town), so I wanted to take advantage of it. Also I don't want to run too many miles the week before my race. Bootcamp this week has been super hard, which is good. From here on out, I think I'm gonna job/run a slow 3-4 miles per day up till my half-marathon on Sunday to stay loose and focused but not worn out....

Another someday goal for me: hiking the entirety of the Pacific Crest Trail.

Love for an Immigrant Family's Story, in Watercolor and Watercress: "MacNaughton's "Farmers' Market Farmers In Their Own Words" is part of her ongoing series of "In Their Own Words" watercolor-and-ink comics, each one putting pictures to an individual's story from a less-heard section of San Francisco's community. In this installment, MacNaughton introduces us to an unnamed family who emigrated from Vietnam in 1979, becoming 'the first Asian Family in Rio Linda.'"

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