This awesome post from Sarah at Yes & Yes totally made my day yesterday! And, hello, we are both Sarah's with Y & Y blogs? Secret soul mates for sure. Sincerely, though, I link to her blog a lot, so this mutual linkage and admiration really warms my heart.

This British Library iPhone app falls directly in the center of the Venn Diagram overlap of nerdy, techy, and Anglophile in my brain.

Image: source.

Today's planned workout: bootcamp. Today's actual workout: bootcamp! I took yesterday off. It wasn't my scheduled day off, but I felt like my body needed it so I did. I think this is an important part of training. Anyways, so Sunday (instead of being my day off) will be a 6 mi run. Tomorrow = my second 10K!

“We don’t have to run away from this world. We don’t have to feel harsh and deprived. We can contribute a lot to the world, and we can raise ourselves up in this world. We should feel so good. This world is the best world. If you drive into the mountains, you may see the mountain deer. They are so well groomed, although they don’t live on a farm. They have tremendous head and shoulders, and their horns are so beautiful. The birds who land on your porch are also well groomed, because they are not conditioned by ordinary conditionality. They are themselves. They are so good. Look at the sun. The sun is shining. Nobody polishes the sun. The sun just shines. Look at the moon, the sky, the world at its best.” - Adapted from Chögyam Trungpa’s book, Great Eastern Sun, by way of Ocean of Dharma.


VP said...

I'm sorry I can't stand misspelling people's name, especially those who are highly respected.
It's Gandhi, not Ghandi.

Shorty said...

Hi VP, I didn't make the image, I believe it was made by this artist: http://idea-obscura.tumblr.com/post/2409119224/ive-been-thinking-of-doing-this-for-a-while-now
But thanks for the feedback/correction.