While on vacation I finished "The Likeness." It was actually the second time I had tried to read the book. Initially I picked it up right after "In The Woods" (the author's first book) and just couldn't get into it. A friend pointed out that the narrators of the two books sound almost identical, despite being different characters, which I think may've contributed to my inability to get absorbed in "The Likeness" initially. However, on second read I got into it and was genuinely invested in finding out "whodunnit" by the end of the book. In my opinion, French could've cut it down by about 100 pages (it started dragging towards the end), but overall a recommended read for any mystery fan.

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Yesterday's planned workout: 5 miles. Yesterday's actual workout: 6 miles. Today's planned workout: 10 mi run. Today's actual workout: We will see...Overall I'm pretty happy with the amount of excercize I've gotten in while on vacation. Sure I've been indulging in all sorts of delicious food and sweets, but...that's what vacation is for.

I'm in Boston for a few more days; it's so nice to have a full week somewhere, so I can really settle in and enjoy the city. I head back to Oregon on Tuesday - I know I will be super sad to leave my friends (by far my favorite part of Boston), but I think I will be ready to get back to my routine. #creatureofhabit

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