Yes! Awesome: The Babysitters Club: where are they now? I was a huge BSC fan as a kid, and love this run-down.

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Today's planned workout: 4 mi run. Today's actual workout: Nothin! I got up bright and early to hit the road to drive up to Portland to see friends and run my first half-marathon!

It's been a great day in the city: a clear day for driving, delicious pulled pork and mac n cheese from a food truck, homemade mint oreos and coffee with a long lost friend, and the discovery of a bookstore that sells only mysteries - good stuff.

I've recently started a wonderful book, one that has pulled me in more quickly and kept my attention more than any book in a while: Jennifer Egan's much acclaimed Visit From The Good Squad. Each chapter is about different, and sometimes only tangentially related, characters - a conceit which could easily be contrived, annoying, or hard to follow but somehow works out.

On the way up to Portland, I listened to the January 14th edition of the wonderful NYTimes Book Review Podcast, which featured both Egan and Siddhartha Mukherjee, whose "biography" on cancer I am anxious to read. In my opinion, the interviews with both were "eh" but I loved the sections from their books read by the authors. Worth a listen.


Amy said...

I'm excited to hear that Visit From The Good Squad is good; I'm reading as part of this:http://www.themorningnews.org/archives/the_rooster/the_2011_tournament_of_books.php so that makes me excited!

Good luck tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

What other books would you recommend?