Ran/walked 7 miles today, the longest since I hurt my ankle. Feeling renewed hope for making it to the marathon.

Interesting: A Network of Support: "For troubled or victimized children, assistance at home is often more effective than foster placement."

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SO much cute stuff in this Etsy shop: corduroy. Perfect place to visit if you need a sweet gift.

“It is crucial to look deeply at your thoughts and your views. What are you holding on to? Whether you are an artist or a businessperson, a parent or a teacher, you have your views about how to live your life, how to help other people, how to make your country prosperous, and so on. When you are attached to these views, to the idea of right and wrong, then you may be get caught. When your thinking is caught in these views, then you create misunderstanding, anger, and violence. That is what you are becoming in this very moment. When you are mindful of this and can look deeply, you can produce thoughts that are full of love and understanding. You can make yourself and the world around you suffer less.” – from “This Silence is Called Great Joy,” a teaching by Thich Nhat Hanh

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