Awesome to see someone combatting the myths: BYU professor takes on immigration bills

A wonderful victory today at work, involving a U-Visa, a visa designed to protect immigrant victims of crimes from being further victimized, and to encourage immigrants cooperation with law enforcement.

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Love these adorable pencil portraits from artist Mel Stringer.

from Bust: "Check out this story by the New York Time's David Carr, a cogent look at the real tragedy surrounding Charlie Sheen. Sheen has been abusing drugs, alcohol and women throughout his eight seasons with Two and a Half Men, all without putting a stop to his participation in the show. Hey, it's consistent with the character! Wink, wink. Until now. As of this past weekend Sheen's disparaging remarks about the show's creator Chuck Lorre finally threaten to derail this insanely successful franchise. The difference in crazytown now? According to Carr, 'abuse yourself and the women around you to your heart’s content, but do not attack the golden goose.'"

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