Awesome. I love Wendell Berry. Wendell Berry Won’t Quit Trying to Save the Mountains: "Fourteen mountain-top removal protesters — including author Wendell Berry — are in their third day of a sit-in/sleep-in at the Kentucky Governor’s Office in Frankfort. The group, known as Kentucky Rising, is demanding that Gov. Steve Beshear (D), who is up for reelection in November, end his support of mountaintop removal, a destructive form of surface mining that has buried over 2,000 miles of Appalachian streams. They also insist that he withdraw from a lawsuit he filed, in an alliance with the Kentucky Coal Association, against the Environmental Protection Agency."

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Today's planned workout: 8 mi run, 45 min swim. Today's actual workout: 5 mi sprint intervals (I exchanged yesterdays run and todays).

Some really interesting articles in the NYTimes Magazine this past weekend (I'm a little behind on my reading): one on why Things Organized Neatly is so satisfying, and a fascinating article on the attempted revitalization of a small town in PA: Mayor of Rust: "John Fetterman has turned the busted town of Braddock, Pa., into a national symbol of hope, hard work and authentic blue jeans. As an actual place to live, however, it’s a much harder sell."

Love this! '“Back to the Future,', an amazing series of photos by Irina Werning. People were invited to re-create their old photos." (Thanks to E for the link)

Congrats to my bff, the amazing Lisette Murphy of Rogue Femme Art, on the selection of her short animated film “Ino” to screen at the amazing wonderful Women Action Media! Film Festival in Boston on March 26th, 2011! Visit the "official" Ino site here.

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Lisette Murphy said...

thanks for the "ino" shout out, sweetie!!!
of course i fucked up that link, here's the real one!