Not the same without him: "After 40 years and a life of adversity, St. Mary's history teacher Patrick Naumes says goodbye." Mr. Naumes is a model of humor, humility, intelligence, and commitment to education. The turnout for his retirement party on Sunday was great, and I hope he felt the influence he had on so many students. Thanks for your committment to St. Mary's, Mr. Naumes!

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Perfect timing, given my recent confrontation: Why We All Need Planned Parenthood, from Jezebel.

I have 4 weddings to attend this summer (and, so far, no money for flights....we will see how that works out). Here are some contenders for dresses to wear, any thoughts/votes (please keep in mind that I plan on being tan and buff)? 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Yay Obama! Obama Bucks Calls for Legal Services Cuts, Boosts Budget: "To many House Republicans, it looked like a legitimate place to cut: the Legal Services Corporation. The organization funds local agencies that provide legal services for low-income individuals. But President Barack Obama’s budget proposal unveiled on Monday failed to heed the Republicans’ calls. Rather, his budget proposal calls for an increase of $30 million for the next fiscal year." This is great, and I'm not just saying that because I'm a Legal Aid attorney (believe me, there is no check in the mail headed my way from the White House). As the economy has struggled and suffered, more and more people turn to Legal Services - both because they cannot afford other attorneys, and also because they are facing increased problems with housing, employment, and disability services. In the long run, I truly believe Legal Services is not only a moral and ethical necessity, but a fiscal one: competent legal services attorneys can prevent frivolous lawsuits, act as a needed check on employers and landlords, and ensure that systems like immigration, social services, and health care are running smoothly.


Anonymous said...

I think dress number 3 is my fave - it's a lovely colour. I have one wedding to attend this summer, so I'll be on the lookout for a dress too!

Anonymous said...

I love the red one (#1) - a great way to show off your tanned and buff shoulders. Careful with the pockets in the dress though (all of them?), as they might make your hips look wide - unless you have narrow hips and want the extra curves.
I also really like the buff colored dress (#5) - you could jazz it up with some great jewelry and buff shoes to make your legs look lean.
The teal #3 might be good, but the stitching and material could look a tad cheap.

Amanda @ Hungry Vegan Traveler said...

Dress #1 and #5, #5 being my absolute favorite.

Shorty said...

Thanks guys! A few friends have voted for the red - initially I thought maybe it was too loud and sexy for a wedding, but then others voice the opinion (which I agreed with) that it's nice to have guests in colorful clothes for a summer wedding. There have also been a lot of votes for the taupe one, which I would definitely have to try on and make sure it doesn't make me feel totally naked! The green halter might win out, just because I love a halter and I love green....I'll let you know!

Your Favorite TF said...

Number One or Number Three, please.