RaceWife: Drop the I-Word: I Am...a Mother: "Rosario Lopez migrated with her family from Mexico to North Carolina 13 years ago. In this latest installment of Drop the I-Word's 'I Am...' series, Lopez shares concerns about how her daughter and the children of other undocumented immigrants are affected by today's hateful anti-immigrant climate. "

Interesting article on the way yoga may help those suffering from eating disorders heal. (Thanks for sending, PC!): "Yoga instructors have long believed that yoga can increase body satisfaction by switching the focus from what the body looks like to what it can achieve. At the same time, they say yoga encourages people to be aware and forgiving of their physical limits. When eating disorder patients become more attuned to their bodies, experts say, they are more likely to treat them with the respect they deserve."

(Note: I do think it is bad practice for articles on eating disorders to include specific low weights that people "got to" during their sickness. It can be very triggering for those struggling with similar disorders, and also places the emphasis, once again, on weight loss instead of the psychological and physical effects suffered by anyone who struggles with disordered eating - regardless of their weight. I actually wrote the author of the article, thanking them for the piece but encouraging them to refrain from recounting low weights similarly in the future. I'm trying to do more of engaging with people, instead of just complaining about it on my blog, or to friends.) (Update: the author of the article wrote me back right away, saying they would keep that in mind for future articles. Awesome! Yay for constructive conversation!)

AP: More US Companies Covering Transgender Surgery

Wohoo! "President Obama has decided that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional and has asked his Justice Department to stop defending it in court, the administration announced today."

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