Well-written and well-reasoned, sobering and inspiring both. Please read, even if you aren't an Ithacan, and remember why you buy local and love independent bookstores. "Community Buy Out Proposal for Buffalo Street Books." (Full disclosure: I'm both a proud ex-Ithaca, a book lover, and a friend of the author).

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Today's planned workout: 45 min swim, 5 mi run. Today's actual workout: 90 min Bikram, another soccer game (subbing for a women's team). Yes, I know, I need to cut down on the yoga and soccer and increase the running and swimming. Both my one month yoga pass and my soccer games end in about a month, so I will start adhering to my training schedule then. I promise (myself).

An awesome (and long-time) friend of mine, Alden ("the Eagle"), has started a podcast - check it out! "The New Old Fashioned is a weekly podcast made by Eagle and The Bamer in New Orleans, Louisiana. We make old drinks (like older than your grandparents), talk about New Orleans’ goings on, tell drinking stories, and contemplate the big ideas in life. Such as, why people like vermouth."

Six Pregnancy Tests in One Week: "I visited Christian pregnancy centers that lure women in with false promises of medical care. Here's what they told me about abortions, breast cancer, shame, and death."

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