Helen's Kitchen, what's going on?? When I had your Thai Yellow Curry last week, I fell in love (as usual, I moved to quickly). I talked about you to all my friends, I was ready to buy stock in you! But the two other meals since - the mac & cheese and the red curry - have been failures. Watery with flavorless chunks of tofu, ugh, no thanks...

Y&Y reader Karla, author of the awesome blog Vegan Shizzle, loaded me up with great suggestions for vegan stuff to try while in Portland. I can't wait! Reviews to come...Thanks, Karla!
Always a favorite: My Heart by Frank O'Hara.

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"So much of my writing and teaching focuses on issues of sexuality and self-esteem, around pop culture and body image, eating disorders and perfectionism. Often, the more radically (or globally) inclined suggest that these are middle-class concerns. As one young man asked me recently, “How come you spend so much time talking about body image when we’ve got women suffering and dying in the Congo? Are eating disorders as bad as the rape epidemic going on there?” Justice, I reminded him, is not a zero-sum game. Critiquing “princess culture” among middle-class American girls doesn’t mean that one has no interest in the plight of less fortunate women in the Congo, Afghanistan, or in undocumented migrant communities right here in Los Angeles. Furthermore . . . our personal liberation is a prerequisite for being a truly effective agent for change in the lives of others. As I learned in Twelve Step eons ago, 'you can’t give away what you haven’t got.'" from hugoschwyzer.net. I don't remember how I stumbled on this blog, but I'm glad I did, he's always got some interesting stuff to say about gender, feminism, education, etc.


Valeria said...

Hugo Schwyzer = <3

I haven't had much luck with Helen's Kitchen, either. Surprising, since their products often take up as much freezer space as Amy's.

Karla said...

yeah, i tried out Helen's Kitchen products (they sent me a couple coupons to try things for free, having a food blog is really nice sometimes) and they didn't do much for me. i prefer Amy's Kitchen's Indian type hand held thing (the one with spinach and tofu), hand held pot pie, or the Veggie Loaf meal. oh, my favorite is the salsa verde tamale! really good.