Love this "letter to my 12 year old self" from a wonderful lady, my favorite scientist Phoebe Cohen.

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From Feminsting: On Charlie Sheen, Chris Brown, and the disparity in their treatment in the media: "I don’t think there’s a conscious decision being made to view Brown and Sheen in these disparate ways. The mix up of race and sexual violence is embedded in the US’s shared subconscious, especially that of white Americans. This means gender and abuse easily rise to the top when we think about Brown, as they should. But the image of the black man as rapist served a dual purpose, excusing white men of their own crimes. It buried the role of rape in slavery and made a white male acquaintance seem a much less likely abuser than a black male stranger. And now it’s letting Sheen’s behavior go unpunished and almost completely un-commented on."

A really good, useful intro on mastering grains from Big Girls, Small Kitchens.

Yay! "The Tuition Equity bill that will allow children of undocumented immigrants to pay in-state tuition at Oregon universities just passed the Senate at noon today with a vote of 18-11....Senator Frank Morse, who opposed a similar bill when it came to the legislature several years ago but became a chief sponsor this time around, told the Senate that our founding fathers did not want children to be held accountable for the "crimes of their parents." "Who would stand with us today and say, 'Deport these children'?" he asked. Senator Suzanne Bonamici echoed a similar point: 'I'm not willing to deny these kids education because of a decision their parents made.'"

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