Reading The Body Electric, and discovering lots of wonderful poets I didn't know about. Stay tuned for lots of poetry.

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Love love love it: The Beatles, "Hide Your Love Away"

From an awesome college classmate, 360 MONTHS: collected thoughts on turning 30: "This is a space for sharing experiences and feelings around turning 30. From people who are approaching this milestone with anticipation and uncertainty to those who have recently passed the 3 decade mark with a warm embrace, 360 Months is an opportunity to challenge dominant social expectations of this marker of adulthood. It is also a chance to ignite new conversations amongst peers in the struggle to make sense of, and even embrace, growing older." Check it out and think about submitting! I'm considering it...(Oh, and on that note, check out this post "30 and angry and fabulous, darling" from the always awesome Natalie at definatalie.com)


Karla said...

that 360 Months blog is great. i liked your entry, sarah. i just turned 30 last may and it's still weird to thing i'm that old. i feel (and usually look- unless you look close enough and see my crow's feet wrinkles coming in) about 22. 20's weren't spectacular though, so i don't mind. as i am without a career/work part time as a waitress, live with my sister and her husband, and still have never been in love, i feel like i'm far behind on where i thought i would be by now.

Shorty said...

Thanks, Karla! I was sorta nervous about putting it out there but I love the project and it was a good excercize to sit down and bust out some thoughts on this period of my life.

I get mistaken for being younger too. Part of me doesn't like it and welcomes the few white hairs that seem to be creeping in, but another part of me knows I'll be a little bummed when people stop being shocked at my age, haha.

As far as being "behind"....sigh. I hear you. It's weird, I felt sort of on track or even ahead most of my life (I was in a six year relationship from 18-24, for instance), and yet now all of a sudden I feel behind (no savings, no partner, no kids)....things go at the pace they are supposed to I guess.