Really gorgeous and unique ceramic jewelry.

Oooh, I wanna try this: DIY body scrub with coffee grounds.

I did a mini triathlon at the Y this morning and it felt great: 30 min of sprint intervals on the treadmill, 30 min on the bike, then 20 min in the pool. Great start to the week.

Image: source.

Love love love it: Design*Sponge Best of Maps.

Surprisingly beautiful: "Melting Point, St├ęphane Couturier’s series of 20 large-scale time-exposure photographs depicting a Toyota assembly plant in Valenciennes, France"

Interesting company, great bread. Dave's Killer Bread spelt bread is my current favorite for morning pb and banana toast. "An Oregon bakery has seen explosive growth since building a marketing strategy around the story of a former violent felon turned bread maker."

"Gradually we will get the hang of going beyond our fear of feeling pain..." - Pema Chodron


Allira said...

I've never seen these ceramic jewels before, I love how they've incorporated the illustrations, absolutely beautiful! Good find! :D

Anonymous said...

Happy International Women's Day! :)