Watching Howard Zinn: You Can't Be Neutral On A Moving Train. Zinn is definitely one of my heros.

Another story of a U Visa recipient: "Carlos Olivas, 21, was granted the visa Friday...Olivas' brother, Jorge Olivas, was shot and killed after a dance in [...] 2004. Carlos and Jorge Olivas were walking home when several gang members ambushed them...he died the next day. Four years later, Frankie Telles was convicted of second-degree murder in the shooting. 'In this case, the victim was his brother and he was present when it happened.'"

Image: source.

This morning I ran 15 miles - my longest distance yet...and I feel great! A friend ran the first 8 with me, and then I was on my own for the rest. My goal was 12, but I wanted to push myself to go to 14. Once I got to 14 I knew I had one more miles left in me....and so I pushed it to 15 and I'm so glad I did!

A Talent for Sloth, an essay by Philip Connors about being a fire lookout.

Oh, love this idea for a polenta "pizza"!


Caiti said...

You've got to see the documentary, I AM. It's out in select theaters now. Zinn is one of many interviewed...it is incredibly inspiring. Please do!

Shorty said...

@Caiti I'll definitely check it out!