Yet another example of the complication and heartbreak resulting from our current immigration system: U.S. Returns Young Girl, a Citizen, to Guatemala: "Today, Emily is in Guatemala, her parents are struggling to bring her home, and lawyers and federal officials are arguing over parental responsibility and citizenship rights. The Ruizes find themselves on the front lines of a heated immigration debate: how to treat families in which the parents are here illegally, while their children, born in the United States, are citizens."

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Training: Wednesday I went to bootcamp in the morning (60 min); today, it was 60 min spin class then 20 min swimming. I'm excited for the half-marathon this weekend, even though I got an email from the race planners saying they had to change the course because of flooding and that there'll be at least a dozen places where we'll have to run through standing water....

Another cool/cute cooking blog: "Big Girls, Small Kitchen is a food and recipe guide for twenty-something cooks looking for user-friendly, affordable ways to navigate their kitchens." I want to try their recent recipe for white bean and greens stew; I've been interested in all the greens & beans combos I've seen around recently - it seems like a good way to get protein and veggies at once.

"It may be that when we no longer know what to do, / we have come to our real work, / and when we no longer know which way to go, / we have begun our real journey." [Wendell Berry]

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