Yikes. "Newsweek gave 1,000 Americans the U.S. Citizenship Test—38 percent failed. The country's future is imperiled by our ignorance. In this week’s issue, Andrew Romano looks at the risks involved in America’s ignorance."

Hm, interesting. I don't know that I entirely agree with the author (for instance, allowing your daughter to wear "racy" clothes isn't at all the same as saying "go get laid!"....for so many, important reasons) but the article raises some good questions: Why Do We Let Them Dress Like That? Women of a liberated generation wrestle with their eager-to-grow-up daughters—and their own pasts

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Video from the NYTimes: Strangers in a Strange Land: "Haitians living in the United States but convicted of misdemeanors and drug offenses are now being deported to Haiti again after a one-year moratorium."

Love her: Rebecca Solnit: The Butterfly and the Boiling Point: Charting the Wild Winds of Change in 2011

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