50 Years of Amnesty International Poster Art: "Amnesty International has been calling on top-level contemporary artists to create amazing poster art for 50 years. From Picasso and Calder, to MirĂ³ and Cieslewicz."

A long, and involved, but very worth-reading article from the New Yorker: A Murder Foretold: Unravelling the ultimate political conspiracy by David Grann

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Had a great first bike ride of the year today, and wore clipless shoes and pedals for the first time. After a little getting used to clipping in and out, they were nothing but awesome. I'm psyched for a summer of riding.

Watching The Cove with one of my roommates right now. I've heard great things about it (but also that its incredibly upsetting).

"Today like every other day
We wake up empty and scared.
Don't open the door of your study
And begin reading.
Take down a musical instrument.
Let the beauty we love be what we do
There are hundreds of way to kneel
And kiss the earth."



allison said...

I finally saw The Cove last week, it was incredibly powerful and emotional.

Shorty said...

Yeah, I wasn't sure how I would take it - I am sort of prone to teariness, but for some reason generally not over animal stuff....but this gutted me. I cried once at the horrible scenes of slaughter of the dolphins, and once at the end, at the bravery of one of the activists. Not a pleasant movie, but one worth seeing I think...