"April 20 (4/20) -- the date unofficially recognized nationwide as marijuana day -- is probably as good a time as any to explore how marijuana arrests in the Unites States exemplify racially skewed policing tactics."

Image: some of the beautiful artwork over at Story Of A Seed.

Amazing. Chrissie Wellington is widely acknowledged as one of the best triathletes ever, breaks records right and left, and still continues to be this positive, humble, and awesome: "As I have said before, my goal is for self-improvement, to do justice to my hard work (and the support of the amazing team of people who surround me) and to continue to challenge my own limits. I never expected to break the World Record at Ironman South Africa, and in doing so I have challenged my own preconceptions about what is possible. I don’t find it easy. I endure highs and lows just like any other athlete, there are times when my body is screaming, when I don’t know if I can finish, and when I question why on earth I am actually putting myself through this torture. But that’s where the mind takes over, and I draw strength and confidence from people who inspire me."

My last meeting today was with a wonderful 17 year-old girl who was brought to this country when she was only a few months old. She's hard-working, responsible, is starting college next year (the first in her family), has never lived anywhere else...and there is NO way for her to work legally, or to become a resident or citizen. She must continue to live in fear, with extremely limited options for her future. Yet another living, breathing example of why this country needs true and comprehensive immigration reform.

"Fill your bowl to the brim / and it will spill. / Keep sharpening your knife / and it will blunt. / Chase after money and security / and your heart will never unclench. / Care about people’s approval / and you will be their prisoner. / Do your work, then step back. / The only path to serenity." [Lao Tsu]

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