Ha! Hilarious and so true: 5 Artists You Should Never Listen to at Work.

Currently in the middle of watching The Art of the Steal at home, going to see a final two films at the AIFF this afternoon and evening (will report back, of course).

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From Fresh Air, what it’s like to defend death row inmates. "Attorney David Dow explains why he’s made a career of defending prisoners sentenced to die: 'The person that we’re executing is simply not the same person who committed the crime that landed that person on death row in the first place.'"

Prison Sexual Assault Reforms Won't Cover Immigrant Detention Centers

Why Are We Denying Mothers on Welfare An Education? "As a new report from Legal Momentum makes clear, it remains extremely difficult for mothers on welfare to access the kind of education and training that lead to good jobs, the kind that pay a living wage and come with benefits such as paid sick leave and health insurance."

“Put your ear down close to your soul and listen hard.” - Anne Sexton

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